Castione, Switzerland

EV1 Commercial Demonstration Unit

Energy Vault’s Commercial Demonstration Unit (CDU) is a grid scale gravity energy storage system, located in Switzerland (Ticino), which can be economically deployed from 20 MWh up to 80 MWh of storage capacity per single system, depending on permitting height and the number of composite bricks fabricated. We typically use 35 MWh as a standard configuration capacity per Energy Vault EV1 tower system.

The Energy Vault CDU is connected to the Swiss national utility grid and achieved mechanical completion in July 2020. The system is now under final testing and software commissioning.

This commercial scale system is part of Energy Vault’s technology roadmap that follows the 1:4 scale pilot system built and operated in 2018, where all core technology elements were tested and validated.

Contact projects@energyvault.com to learn more about the CDU and how our product portfolio can meet your energy storage needs.

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