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At the core of our existence lies the sense of urgency to meet the energy demands of the present, while enabling prosperity for future generations. We are driven by our respect and commitment for the balanced well-being of three fundamental sustainability pillars: environment, society and the economy.

We are a team of energy industry experts and passionate sustainability professionals committed to continuously develop cutting-edge energy storage solutions, powered by renewable resources.

Sustainability Commitment

Energy Vault is committed to sustainability as reflected in our core mission, our focus on sustainable business management practices, and our dedication to sustainable production design and supply chain management. Energy Vault respects our business relationships and works to be a good responsible partner to our suppliers and customers around the world.

Planned Global Alignment Initiatives​


Materiality Assessment

Human Rights

Fundamental Principles and Labor Rights. Due Diligence.

Labor Practices

Occupational Health and Safety. Training and Professional Development.


Sustainable Resource Use. Pollution Prevention.

Fair Operating Practices

Anti-Corruption. Property Rights. Value Chain Impact.

Consumer Issues

Customer Data Protection and Privacy. Customer Service, Support, Complaint, Dispute Resolution.

Community Involvement and Development

Technology Development/Access. Employment Creation and Skills Development.

Double Materiality Tiers


  • Human rights in the supply chain
  • Raw materials usage and availability


  • Suppliers and contractors due diligence
  • Worker health and safety
  • People development
  • Non-recyclable waste
  • Impact in the value chain
  • Technology innovation


  • Corruption prevention
  • Property rights compliance
  • Data protection and privacy regulation compliance
  • Customer grievance management
  • Job creation
  • Technology innovation

ISO Standards

Group 1000003186

The International Organization for Standardization is the independent, non-governmental international organization comprising a membership base of over 160 national standards bodies, coordinated by the ISO Central Secretariat (ISO/CS) in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO and members bring together a network of experts to share knowledge and develop International Standards.

Energy Vault adopted a companywide management system compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standard, as we believe that customer satisfaction, meeting the expectations of stakeholders, combined with an effective and efficient relationship with suppliers, determines and leads to the success of the company in achieving its objectives.

Additionally, as a green energy storage solution provider, we recognize the need to carry out our mission in the most environmentally friendly manner possible; therefore, we have also ensured our management system is compliant with ISO 14001:2015 and our products undergo a life cycle analysis compliant with ISO 14040:2009.

Ready to learn more about Sustainability at Energy Vault?​

Download our 2022 Corporate Sustainability report​.

Providing transparency to our commitment to sustainability as reflected in our innovations, our transparency in disclosures, and our partnerships. 

Modular, Scalable Energy On Demand

Support global transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources through the development, design, and deployment of energy storage and management solutions.

Cost and Reliability-Centered Design

Create a circular economy within the energy sector via the reuse, recycling, and upcycling of waste materials built into our sustainable product production design.

System Resilience

Advance efficient rational use of natural resources and explore beneficial reuse of energy waste materials to support gravity energy storage solutions.

Safety Leadership

Embed a sustainability mindset within out corporate culture including encouraging renewable energy resource utilization for all business operations.

Principles Framework​

Our organization is committed to protecting the environment by applying the following principles to all aspects of our business:

Supply Chain Management & Responsible Sourcing Roadmap​

Our responsible sourcing roadmap highlights the long-term benefits of supplier partner collaboration, including increased innovation, strengthened supplier relationships, economic value through industry adoption, enhanced health and safety, and compliance with global standards frameworks.

Enabling a renewable world.