Stanton Battery Energy Storage System​

Energy Vault's customer-centric approach delivered a bespoke Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that maximized energy density within a highly space-constrained urban site and met an accelerated project timeline.​

Project Overview

Located in Stanton, Orange County, California, the Stanton Battery Energy Storage (SBES) project serves the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market with resource adequacy (RA), ancillary services, and merchant power capabilities to support bulk renewable energy shifting in the transmission-constrained Los Angeles area. Energy Vault completed delivery of the 68.8 MW/275.2 MWh (4-hour) project in August 2023.  

Energy Vault’s in-house product expertise, full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) wrap services, and global supply chain relationships enabled a bespoke BESS installation that was designed from the ground up. The result was a unique solution that met the critical needs of Wellhead Electric Co. and partner developer W Power, including optimized energy density and an expedited construction timeline.

Energy Vault’s proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) software, VaultOS™, allowed for rapid commissioning, troubleshooting, and timely completion of all grid compliance testing required by the local regulated utility, Southern California Edison. VaultOS™ will continue to coordinate asset operations on behalf of Wellhead Electric and W Power throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Customer: Wellhead Electric Company, W Power​
Location: Stanton, Orange County, California​
Products: Custom BESS Solution, VaultOS™
Peak Power Output: 68.8 MW​
Energy: 275.2 MWh​
Project Status: Operating​
COD: August 2023​

Stanton Battery Energy Storage System

Project Delivery Highlights

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Creative Custom Solution

Energy Vault's customer-centric approach enabled the Stanton project to meet energy density constraints that competing system integrators' standard solutions could not.

Fast Turnaround

Energy Vault's in-house energy storage system delivery and execution expertise ensured flawless delivery and handover of the Stanton project within just five months of site mobilization.

Challenging Timeline

Through its global network of supplier relationships, Energy Vault was able to meet construction timelines while coordinating delivery of over 15,000 battery modules and critical, long-lead power conversion system equipment.

Software-Enabled Startup and Operation

The VaultOS™ software allows for rapid commissioning, testing, and market participation of the Stanton BESS solution, despite its custom hardware architecture.

Wellhead Electric

"The Energy Vault team designed and deployed the optimal energy storage solution for our Stanton site. Only a few days after mechanical completion the system delivered full power to the grid validating the quality of the design and execution. Energy Vault did an excellent job of providing a solution that met both the challenging energy density requirements and the equipment delivery time frames to enable the project to go forward. We are a satisfied customer, and we appreciate Energy Vault’s expertise, creative thinking and collaborative partnership in bringing this project to fruition."

Hal Dittmer

Chief Executive Officer​, Wellhead Electric​

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