Manage complexity with VaultOS™

Energy Management System (EMS) for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing across diverse energy assets.

Value Advantage.

Why VaultOS™

Easy to Use

Make it easy to run your assets and see your fleet with a user interface designed for people first.


Use across diverse storage, battery, and inverter technologies with augmentation optionality.


Provide fast-responding services to changing grid conditions, even at GWh+ scale.


Leverage AI, machine learning, and analytics for fleet-wide simulation and dispatch optimization.


Ensure your assets are protected and secure to improve operational efficiency and uptime.

Next generation EMS

VaultOS™ EMS provides real-time monitoring, operational control, and optimized dispatch across an array of generation and short to ultra-long duration energy storage assets. The user interface makes it easy for customers to securely manage a single asset, hybrid power plant, or fleet of resources at a glance while minimizing operational costs.

Cloud-based plant control

Standalone and hybrid control of your assets, across storage and generation fleets.

Compliant and extensible

Meets cyber security standards of leading utilities and ISOs, with integrations to bidding and asset management modules.

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Download the VaultOS™ Datasheet

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features and capabilities

Leveraging the latest advances in software is a must-have for managing the diversity and scale of energy storage projects. Our focus on large and complex projects underlies our drive to develop industry-leading EMS software. With sophisticated architecture, we unlock the value of energy storage solutions by optimizing grid integration continuously as use cases evolve over time.


Hybrid Power Plant Control

Storage project control in both standalone mode and with renewable assets.

Configuration Flexibility

Integration with multiple battery hardware, storage, and generation technologies.

GWh Scale Responsiveness

Designed to provide fast response times and address new use cases over the lifetime of an asset or fleet.

Intuitive User Interface

Created with UX experts to ensure frictionless access and extensive visualizations.

Application Breadth

Integration with a wide range of technologies supports multiple applications including Automatic Generation Control (AGC), firm power blocks, renewable firming, Volt-Var control, and more. 


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