Zhangye, China Gravity Energy Storage System

Energy Vault's second commercial scale EVx™ Gravity Energy Storage System (GESS) breaks ground in the Gansu Province of China

Project Overview

In April of 2023, China Tianying (CNTY) commenced construction of Zhangye City's first Gravity Energy Storage System (GESS) project. Once completed, the 175 meter structure will be equipped with a peak power output of 17 MW and a maximum energy capacity of 68 MWh. 

The Zhangye City project leverages excess electricity produced from new energy generation projects in Gansu Province to lift composite blocks or "mobile masses" during periods of "charging". During times of peak electricity demand, the gravity system will lower the composite blocks, generating electricity to help meet the region's power demands for 4 hours or longer. 

In January 2024, the Zhangye City GESS project was selected, alongside the Rudong GESS project, by China's National Energy Administration (NEA) as a "New Energy Storage Pilot Demonstration" project. This recognition showcases the Zhangye project's important  contribution to China's "Dual Carbon" goals of addressing renewable energy intermittency while also easing grid congestion and connection pains. 

Customer: Atlas Renewables, CNTY
Location: Zhangye City, Gansu Province, China
Products: G-VAULT™ EVx™, VaultOS™
Peak Power Output: 17 MW
Energy: 68 MWh
Project Status: Under Construction

Zhangye Project Highlights

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High Round Trip Efficiency 

An anticipated 80% round trip efficiency puts the EVx™ ahead of competing long duration technologies such as flow battery, thermal, and compressed air energy storage.

Performance Longevity

No degradation of the storage medium requiring augmentation; no self-discharge; and an impressive 35-year project life span leads to sustained performance over an extended time horizon.

Localized Supply Chain 

The EVx™ design enables compliance with domestic content requirements through regional sourcing of labor and materials while simultaneously limiting exposure to high-cost material market changes.

Onsite Construction

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