Wellhead - Stanton Battery Energy Storage System

Energy Vault | 6 December 2023


Energy Vault, Wellhead Electric, and W Power's partnership began with a bold announcement on September 8, 2022, to deploy a significant energy storage system in Stanton, California. This system was set to be a landmark for the region, one of the largest energy storage systems in Southern California, not only due to its 68.8 MW (275.2 MWh) capacity but also because it would be built on Energy Vault’s X-Vault integration platform and Vault-OS Energy Management System to control, manage, and optimize the BESS operations.



The evolution of the site serves as a testament to the rapid and efficient execution of the project. The time-lapse, which is available on our website, reveals the meticulous orchestration of logistics, engineering, and integration of the components that make up the energy storage system.

The accelerated timeline was ambitious, reflecting the critical need for reliable power solutions in Southern California. Energy Vault's deployment strategy was a direct response to this urgency, with the goal of completing the project by year end. Our approach was driven by the EVS platform's software architecture, which integrates advanced optimization algorithms and facilitates a variety of energy asset management scenarios. This platform has not only bolstered our current project but has also expanded our capabilities to support W Power and Wellhead in the development and deployment of future energy storage projects.

Upon achieving full operational status by September 2023, the Stanton Battery Energy Storage System (SBES) has set a precedence for Southern California's energy landscape. The completion of the SBES under such a compressed timeline—especially considering the limited flexibility of the site—establishes a new industry benchmark. This feat was accomplished with no workplace injuries and saw the system achieve maximum power output in record time. It's worth noting that during the record-breaking heatwave of July 2023, the SBES met and exceeded performance expectations, underscoring its readiness to handle extreme conditions.



This project holds particular significance for Energy Vault as it exemplifies the successful implementation of our EVS strategy, initially announced in Q4 2021. For Wellhead Electric, the Stanton site's achievement reflects their strategic vision and investment in renewable energy. The collaboration between our teams has been instrumental in delivering a solution that meets the high energy density and performance requirements necessary for such an ambitious project.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 6th celebrates the operational commencement of one of Southern California's largest energy storage systems but also marks the beginning of a new era in energy management for the region.

The journey from groundbreaking to the operational status of the Stanton Battery Energy Storage System is a concrete example of our dedication to advancing the global transition to a carbon-free, resilient power grid.





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