Ten energy storage technologies that want to change the world

Energy Vault | 8 December 2023

As COP28 calls for a tripling of renewable energy, storage technologies beyond the lithium-ion battery will play key roles. Recharge rounds up 10 of the most innovative recently in the headlines

As the renewables revolution gathers pace, the role of energy storage for harnessing green power has never been more important. Ten breakthrough technologies – using gravity, concrete and even trees – claim they hold the key to revolutionising the energy ecosystem.

The rollout of wind and solar power is racing ahead at record levels as countries and companies try to hit challenging net zero targets to help avert climate catastrophe.

But while fossil fuel power stations can hit the on switch whenever needed to meet demand, the variable nature of the wind and sun means that green energy assets often generate too much (or too little) power at any given moment...

Enabling a sustainable world with renewable energy.

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