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Energy Vault | 15 February 2023

Today's guest is Robert Piconi, CEO and co-founder at Energy Vault, which develops and deploys utility-scale energy storage solutions. 

The company's offerings include proprietary gravity, battery, and green hydrogen energy storage hardware technologies supported by a technology-agnostic energy management system software layer. They can deliver short- and long-duration energy storage with the goal of helping carbon-free energy be as cost-effective as possible at all times of the day and night. 

Robert and Cody have a great conversation about why energy storage matters, the different types of energy storage today, and some unique insights from Bill Gross at Idealab that led to the earliest version of Energy Vault. They talk about the rapid iterations Energy Vault has done on its gravity storage model, and how they've raised capital. Energy Vault went public via SPAC one year and one day before Rob and Cody had this conversation. It's incredible to see such an infrastructure-heavy company grow and iterate so quickly. Enjoy the show!

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