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Energy Vault

Enabling a Renewable World™

Energy Vault creates renewable energy storage solutions designed to advance the global transition to a carbon free, resilient power grid and transform the world’s approach to utility scale energy storage. At Energy Vault, we work to combat climate change by enabling clean and reliable electricity through innovation in renewable energy storage. Utilizing a unique approach to the circular economy that integrates energy waste for beneficial reuse at unprecedented economics, Energy Vault innovates to accelerate the shift to a fully renewable world.


Champions of Sustainable Energy

Commitment to Clean & Affordable Energy

Energy Vault set out to solve one of the largest global problems facing the planet today, how to store renewable energy in both an economical and sustainable way to end the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Passion for Innovation

Energy Vault enhances established technologies with proprietary design, advanced computer control, and machine vision to create an energy storage economic breakthrough.

Dedication to Responsible Production

Energy Vault’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our circular approach to production design which includes the use of locally sourced materials and repurposing of recycled waste diverted from landfills.

Collaboration through Global Partnership

In partnership with our network of leading technology suppliers and strategic customers, Energy Vault works to transform the world’s approach to affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity at scale.


Innovators of Global Energy Transformation

We are undergoing a massive and irreversible transition towards an economy fueled by intermittent renewable energy. The sustainable and reliable supply of power in this new world is strongly dependent on the ability to store and dispatch energy at the right time. The company that masters the energy storage technologies will shape the global transition to our clean energy future. Energy Vault solutions are built to address this unmet storage need to deliver gravity energy storage that is:


Systems are modular and can be built in 10 MWh increments up to multi-GWh storage projects, meeting the needs of the world’s largest energy storage customers.


Ideally positioned for both short and long duration applications; resilient to harsh conditions and high ambient operating temperatures.


Uniquely capable of utilizing waste materials to manufacture mobile masses, creating circular economic value and generating incremental revenue.


Solutions offer attractive economics due to our low marginal cost of energy, high round trip efficiency, and low operating and maintenance costs.


Storage medium does not degrade over time avoiding expensive augmentation and costly performance reduction over time.


Locally sourced materials, supply chain, and work force support sustainable construction design and create economic value within the local community.



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