Welcome to the Arena Robert Piconi, Co-founder and CEO of Energy Vault – Fuel For Thought: Creating a revolutionary renewable energy model

Energy Vault | 29 March 2023

Renewable, sustainable energy has made strides in the last 20 years with developments in solar and wind power, but much of the field still struggles to move forward from traditional fossil fuels. Today's guest has broken new ground on a uniquely clean, and extremely effective energy technology.

Robert Piconi is Chairman and CEO of Energy Vault, developers of sustainable energy storage solutions. Prior to Energy Vault, Robert was founder and CEO of Pantheon Healthcare Group, and he also served as group at the Danaher Corporation. His earlier experience includes roles of increasing responsibility at Fortune 500 public companies, including the Diversified Energy Group at Amoco and British Petroleum, as well as executive leadership roles at Bell Labs Lucent Technologies. Robert holds a BS/BBA from Notre Dame, and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

We talk to Robert about his early career, the energy storage market, and Energy Vault's huge runway for growth. 

Enabling a sustainable world with renewable energy.

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