We Have An Energy Storage Problem

Energy Vault | 19 August 2022

Back in April, a company in which I’ve been interested in – Energy Vault NRGV, co-founded by Idealab’s Bill Gross – posted respectable quarterly earnings numbers after its first three months of operation as a public company.


I had the opportunity to speak with another of Energy Vault’s co-founders and CEO, Robert Piconi, and was impressed by his background as a multi-faceted builder of businesses.


An upcoming article will look closely at what Energy Vault is doing, but before that, I wanted to offer some background about energy storage technology in general to provide context for my Energy Vault-specific comments.


This article discusses two ways to store energy on a grid scale (pre- and post-generation), investigates some of the issues regarding these two methods as well as the technologies used to implement them, and provides a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the scale of the problem for which we need to solve.

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