Target, Energy, Debt Ceiling, and Doximity

Energy Vault | 18 May 2023

en Bartashus, Senior Industry Analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, joins to discuss Target earnings. Bloomberg Macro Strategist Vince Cignarella also joins to tell us what Target and retail earnings signal about consumer strength and inflation, as well as breaking down recent Fed speak. Huw Roberts, Head of Analytics at Quant Insights, talks about AI in investing, commodities, and what his models are telling him about the outlook for a recession. Savina Rizova, Global Head of Research at Dimensional Fund Advisors, joins to discuss her financial research, investing strategies, and outlook for a US recession. Robert Piconi, CEO and co-founder at Energy Vault, joins to discuss de-carbonization and sustainable energy. Neil Grossman, former CIO at TKNG Capital, joins the show to talk about the recent eco inflation data we’ve seen the past week and outlook for rate hikes, the debt ceiling, and a hard landing. Anna Bryson, CFO at Doximity (NYSE: DOCS), joins the show to talk about her company’s performance this year and outlook. Hosted by Paul Sweeney, Kriti Gupta, and Madison Mills.

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