Energy Vault Powers Up: First Commercial EVx Gravity-Based Energy Storage System Connected to Chinese Grid

Energy Vault | 18 March 2024

Energy Vault, a leading provider of innovative energy storage solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by connecting its first commercial EVx gravity-based energy storage system to the grid in China. This project, located in Rudong, boasts a capacity of 25MW/100MWh and marks a pivotal moment for the company's proprietary technology.

Announced in December 2023, the Rudong project signifies Energy Vault's entry into the commercial grid-scale energy storage sector using its groundbreaking EVx gravity energy storage technology. The successful grid connection sets the stage for full commissioning, although specific operational dates have not been disclosed yet.

In addition to the Rudong project, Energy Vault has initiated construction on three other significant projects in China, collectively amounting to a remarkable 468MWh of capacity. These projects include a 17MW/68MWh project in Zhangye City, a 50MW/200MWh project in Ziuquan City, and a 25MW/100MWh project in Huailai Cunrui Town. Notably, the Rudong and Zhangye projects have received recognition as "new energy storage pilot demonstration projects" by China's National Energy Administration (NEA).

Energy Vault's local partners, including environmental services firm China Tianying (CNTY) and developer Atlas Renewable, are instrumental in advancing these projects. The innovative use of composite blocks as the energy storage medium not only enhances grid stability but also aligns with sustainable waste management practices by repurposing materials like concrete debris and coal ash.

As Energy Vault prepares to release its full-year results on March 12, anticipation grows regarding further updates on these projects and the company's continued expansion in the dynamic Chinese energy market.


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