Energy Vault Announces Five Additional EVx™ Gravity Energy Storage System Deployments in China

Energy Vault | 6 November 2023

China Tianying’s recently announced projects bring planned EVx deployments in China to seven, totaling 3.26 GWh, or $1+ billion in project scope

Additional EVx projects confirm the strategic value of the gravity energy storage technology for China, the largest energy storage market in the world, where Energy Vault collects a 5% revenue royalty

The process for state grid interconnection commenced in September 2023 for the first EVx system under final commissioning in Rudong as the final 35 kV overhead power line was completed to the substation

The Rudong EVx system (25 MW, 100 MWh, +35 years technical life) will be the world’s first commercial, grid-scale gravity energy storage system that offers an alternative to long technical life energy storage assets like pumped hydro plants, currently representing ~90% of global energy storage capacity

Enabling a sustainable world with renewable energy.

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