Delving deeper into decarbonisation | World Cement

Energy Vault | 9 March 2023

By Alfredo Carrato, Venture Capital Advisor at CEMEX Ventures.

From the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China, and the Colosseum, to now, with the construction of the Burj Khalifa, concrete has historically been one of the most popular building materials due to its adaptability, durability, and dependability. However, as the most used man-made material in the world, concrete accounts for at least 7% of all global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Despite this evidence, due to population growth and urbanization, demand for cement (the primary binder of concrete) is set to increase by over one-third before 2050: that is the equivalent of building another New York City every month for the next 40 years.

Enabling a sustainable world with renewable energy.

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