Modular Design

Energy Vault actively works with the largest utilities and energy companies in the world to optimize our energy storage platform to improve flexibility and address our customers’ evolving duration needs for both higher power and custom duration storage requirements. The resulting EVx™ platform sets a new industry benchmark in energy storage economics.

The EVx™ product platform introduces a highly scalable and modular architecture that can scale to multi-GW-hour storage capacity. EVx™ is the natural evolution that leverages all current performance attributes of Energy Vault’s proven technology including zero degradation in storage medium, high round-trip efficiency, long technical life, a sustainable supply chain, and composite bricks.

Design & Construction


The EVx™ platform is the building block of the Energy Vault Resiliency Center™, a GWh scale product line that specifically addresses the need for grid resiliency to manage critical event like wildfire or extreme weather events.


Modular solution
Built to meet international building standards
Built with local supply chain and labor
Viable for short and long durations
Resilient to harsh conditions
Resilient to high ambient temperatures
No chemical fire risk
No performance reduction over time



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Frequently asked questions

What is gravity storage?

  • Gravity storage refers to the use of energy to place objects at height that are then lowered under natural “gravitational” force to create physical movements which turn mechanical motors and create electricity that can be dispatched to the grid. Inspired by the widespread use of pumped hydro - where excess electricity pumps water up a dam and is then released to drive a turbine to create electricity - Energy Vault’s storage system relies on the elegant power of gravity to store and release kinetic energy.

How does the Energy Vault system work?

  • During periods when electricity generation from renewables exceeds the grid demand, Energy Vault utilizes this electricity to power Energy Vault’s proprietary crane system to lift composite bricks that are assembled and stacked by autonomous software; this is especially useful during periods of high renewable generation but low demand as is the case with solar PV.
  • When the bricks are stacked at height, the system is fully “charged”, with each of the bricks representing ~1MW of potential energy to be discharged when needed. When power is needed, the software orchestrates the sequential lowering of the bricks thus creating electricity through the kinetic energy released from weight turning large motors that generate and dispatch electrical energy.

What are the advantages of Energy Vault over chemical batteries?

  • Energy Vault has 5 key advantages over chemical batteries:
    • Energy Vault provides an economical advantage over chemical batteries and does not rely on uncertain future chemical roadmaps and future reductions in cost.
    • Energy Vault storage medium and mechanics fundamentally do not degrade over time.
    • Energy Vault’s sustainable production design uses of locally sourced materials, including the ability to use waste materials that would otherwise be landfilled. Chemical batteries are future landfill liabilities and are hazardous materials.
    • Energy Vault is immediately scalable due to developed and existing global supply chain ecosystem of large suppliers, local site assembly/fabrication and not competing for scarce resources (i.e. lithium ion).

Where can Energy Vault be deployed?

  • Energy Vault’s system is suitable to most industrial and non-urban or suburban locations. Locations will be primarily collocated with PV Solar, Wind and other industrial/manufacturing sites where larger structures and broad landscapes that are not densely populated are common.

What is most distinctive about Energy Vault’s technology?

  • Energy Vault delivers all of the sustainability and simplicity of pumped hydro storage with greater flexibility. Energy Vault can deliver all the benefits of a large scale pumped hydro storage system, but at a much lower levelized cost, higher roundtrip efficiency and without the requirement for specific land topography and negative environmental impacts. Most distinctive to Energy Vault’s solution is our unique approach to the circular economy which incorporates utilization of local industrial and energy waste (such as remunerated coal ash and recycled wind blades) converted to recyclable materials to build the system’s composite bricks.
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