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Energy Vault

Enabling a Renewable World

Mission and Strategy

Energy Vault provides energy solutions to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. To that end we identify, develop and bring to the market the most economic and sustainable energy storage solutions to increase the financial and environmental value of our customer’s energy assets.


Our Unique Approach

  • Customer-centric – oriented to your goals, challenges, and needs
  • Solution-based – starting with the problem to solve, then bringing together the right products
  • Duration-diversified – with proprietary battery, gravity, and hydrogen technologies addressing short, long, and ultra long duration needs
  • Technology-agnostic – through proprietary software to manage diverse storage and generation energy assets
  • Innovation-driven – by dedicated R&D teams in global centers focused on inventing what’s next in storage


Our Solution Portfolio

  • Short Duration – balance and respond with B-VAULT™, a lithium-ion battery product designed for reliability, flexibility, and availability with innovative enclosure architecture and unique AC and DC configurations to provide customer optionality.
  • Long Duration – shift and adapt with G-VAULT™, our proprietary gravity energy technology based on the principle of pumped hydro storage to deliver high round-trip efficiency, low lifetime cost, and no degradation.
  • Ultra Long Duration – prepare and protect with H-VAULT™, our hybrid configurations leveraging multiple technologies to ensure continuity and resilience for backup and Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.
  • Software – orchestrate and optimize with our VaultOS™ Energy Management System (EMS), which provides real-time monitoring, operational control, and optimized dispatch across an array of generation and short to ultra-long duration assets.
  • Services – maintain and sustain with our long-term Service Offerings, which ensure performance and availability over an asset’s lifecycle with a flexible scope that meets customers where they need to be.


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